Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bit of exercise for today

Well obviously did quite a bit of walking whilst in town today and carrying paint and a bag but just done a bit now 100 girl push ups 100 sit ups 100 left leg raises 100 right leg raises 100 both leg raises Feel a little bit weak but don't care. Feel the burn haha :-P Right now I am watching the last 15 minutes of Obese at 16, then at 9pm: My big fat diet show 10pm: Shower time lol 10:25pm: Real Crime with Mark Austin: Peter Tobin 10:55pm: Police Interceptors 00:05am: Nightwatch with Steve Scott 00:55am: Nightwatch with Steve Scott 01:50am: Loose Women 02:40am: Jeremy Kyle 03:35am: Workout and then bed for a bit :-) That's my evening plan for tonight :-) Pretty boring to some but a good night to me hehe. It's pretty cool too cos I am 3 hours and 5 minutes away from day 4. Something I haven't managed for a long time. Just got some more crisps and a coco pop and go ahead bar to make it look as though I am eating. I am going to run outta places to hide them though lol. Laptop bag can only hold so many before I have to use it haha! Am not throwing them away though because I HATE wasting food. Think I will secretly put them all in my holdall bag next week and leave them at my place away from me atm and just give them to people when they come to see me :-) Clever girl me haha!! 100 girl push ups 100 squats 102 sit ups 300 twists Felt like doing a bit more exercise haha :-) Getting motivated and that for weigh in tomorrow morning. My collarbones are protruding a bit more and my face is a bit slimmer but can't see the difference anywhere else :-( Still have a big fat stomach and thighs and hips and hate my boobs. Some girls might love to have boobs but I hate mine so much. Can't wait until they shrink a bit :-) Haha so funny wanting small boobs when everyone wants big 'uns :-P Anyway am going to get a shower and relax. Mucho Love xoxox

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